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This eLearning module introduces the principles of supporting a person's needs through a human rights approach. It highlights how to take measures to reduce restrictive practices that might be used intentionally or in some cases without realising they are restricting the person's liberty or autonomy. Read More

This eLearning course explores the risks we may experience when working alone and the steps we can take to increase our personal safety.  It has one section and an estimated completion time of 30 minutes. Read More

This eLearning course seeks to help carers of older adults and people living with dementia to ensure the people in their care are treated with respect and dignity and that their individual needs are being understood and being met, all helping to prevent distress and improve quality of life.  It develops learners' ability to take effective, person-centred measures to reduce restrictive practices that might be used intentionally or in some cases without realising they are restricting the person's liberty or autonomy. Read More

This eLearning programme seeks to bridge the gap between identifying and understanding trauma, and, responding with intelligence and compassion in a way that opens the door for recovery and a better way forward. Designed for anyone providing care and support to someone affected by trauma, the four engaging and informative eLearning modules explore the fundamental concepts of trauma and how it affects the minds, emotions, lives and behaviours of people who experience it and those close to them. Trauma can affect anyone. When a person lives with trauma their brain works differently and their behaviour changes, yet we as a society often respond in unhelpful ways. This comprehensive programme provides a great starting point for those embarking on training and qualifications in trauma-informed approaches. It also provides a pragmatic, engaging and practical way for organisations to provide trauma-awareness training to their whole workforce. Read More

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